World View

September 25, 2012

Alicia Pellicer BockelAlicia Pellicer Bockel graduated from Saint Leo University in 2003 with Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in psychology and theology. She credits her time at Saint Leo for helping her realize she has a love for academics, an affinity for international study, and an appreciation for interdisciplinarity. 

She reports that “my time at Saint Leo was very important for building up my confidence and realizing that I have a love for academics, and that, “my study abroad experience through the London Internship program was my first real taste of international living–– and once I had been abroad for that year, I was hooked!  I have since been traveling extensively and have lived abroad for eight years now.”

Indeed, Bockel has been on whirlwind ever since. Having graduated in 2007 from Sacred Heart University in Luxemburg City, Luxemburg with an MBA, Bockel gained experience in the business world as a contracts and relations executive for Lombard International Assurance, Luxemburg, until 2009. Since 2009, she has been a managing director at Live & Let Tri, S.A.R.L., Luxemburg, while studying for a Ph.D. in Economics at the Handelshochschule, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, one of the top five business schools in Germany, according to the2011 Financial TimesEuropean Business Schools Rankings. 

Bockel is currently working on a dissertation entitled “Fair Competition: The Golden Rule in Sport,” which she expects to defend in 2013. The focus of her dissertation complements the responsibilities she fulfills as a managing director of athlete management, which include managing sponsor relationships, contract proposal and negotiations, budgeting and financial operations, athlete image development and implementation, and social media and traditional marketing.

Bockel’s appreciation of the liberal arts has only grown with each additional accomplishment: “All of the experiences in the various fields that I have studied have all come together to create my interdisciplinary viewpoint.  My liberal arts education was and still is very valuable in this regard––I love being able to make connections across fields of study and see parallels between different industries. I am most definitely going to place myself in a liberal arts setting if I have the chance. This type of education is really instrumental in developing students who are well rounded and flexible in adapting to the ever-changing demands of today's job market.” She is already living proof of that insight.

(This article is reprinted from the 2012 School of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Report.)