Technology Survey

We have exciting announcements for students entering Saint Leo in the Fall 2015 term! There are some new technology options available for you, and we need to hear from you as to your preference so that we may plan for your arrival. Please review the information and options below and then complete and submit the form, indicating your preference. Only first-year students need to submit the survey. The survey must be completed by August 14, 2015.


If you will be living in campus housing, you have the choice to receive either a Lenovo Yoga S1 Multitouch Ultrabook or an iPad. If you already have a computer that you plan to use for your course work at Saint Leo, you may elect to receive the iPad Air (32G WiFi) instead of the university-issued laptop. For more information on the university-issued laptop specifications for first-year resident students, click here.

To qualify for the iPad option, you need to certify that you already own a computer for school use.  Whether you select the laptop or the iPad, it is yours to use as long as you remain in campus housing and becomes yours upon graduation. Honors program students will be eligible to keep the technology they select following the successful completion of the first four honors courses according to the terms of that program. This is the case for Honors students regardless of resident or commuter status.


If you will be commuting to Saint Leo and do not have a computer of your own, you may request a rental laptop for your use by selecting Option C. You will receive more information about how to get your laptop closer to the start of the fall term. Your response indicating your interest in renting the laptop is not a commitment; we are just determining interest so that we may prepare for your arrival.


Full-time resident transfer students are eligible to receive a gently used laptop. Laptop models may vary but all hardware and software are fully supported by University Technology Services. Unfortunately, transfer students are not eligible to receive the iPad option. Transfer students do not need to complete this survey.

FIRST-TIME, FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: Please review the three options below and then complete and submit the form to indicate your preference.

Option A: I will be a first-time, first-year campus resident student and I want the university-issued laptop computer.

Option B: I will be a first-time, first-year campus resident student and I want the iPad. I certify that I already have a computer for use at school.

Option C: I will be a commuter student and am interested in renting a used laptop for the remainder of time that I am a full-time student at Saint Leo. I understand that this is an expression of interest and that this is not a formal commitment. I certify that I do not have a computer available for me to use. If I elect to utilize a Saint Leo issued laptop, I must pay a $250 deposit and will receive $200 back when I return the laptop. 

New Student Technology Survey