The Liberal Arts Core

University Explorations: Because you’re more than your major

Saint Leo undergraduates across the university take courses within our liberal arts general education program, University Explorations. The program takes a topical, dynamic approach to liberal arts education, which makes the subject matter all the more intriguing.

The goal of general education is to equip students to think critically; to read, write, and communicate effectively; to calculate and analyze competently; to act ethically; to appreciate beauty and exercise creativity; and to develop a capacity for reflection. These are the skills that enable our students to become thoughtful citizens of the world, and we want all of our graduates to possess these capabilities, no matter what their major.

Our University Explorations courses achieve these teaching objectives, with an emphasis on topics of special interest to the 21st century learner. Students will need to complete 42 credit hours in University Explorations, with mandatory foundational courses in College Mathematics (MAT 131), two semesters of Academic Writing (ENG 121 and 122), and Basic Computer Skills (COM 140).

Students then choose courses from academic clusters, as directed below, to satisfy their requirements. Students in the Honors Program should refer to that page, and consult with their academic advisors, as their programs of study will entail different course selections.

The Human Adventure (the social sciences)
Studying the past, living in the present, and shaping the future

Students choose two courses from:

  • Economics for Life (ECO 110HA) (not open to first-semester freshmen)
  • Psychological Well Being: How to Be Sane in an Insane World (PSY 110HA)
  • McDonaldization of Society (sweeping social and economic trends, and how individuals and consumers can respond) (SOC 110HA)
  • Revolution Now! Democracy in Troubled Times (POL 110HA)

Reflective and Spiritual Life (philosophy and religion)
Examining human and divine life

Students select at least one philosophy course, and two other courses from:

  • Encountering the Real: Faith and Philosophical Inquiry (PHI 110RS)
  • Thinking and Doing Ethics (PHI 210RS)
  • The Emergence of Christianity—Examination of Foundational Christian Texts (REL 110RS)
  • Many Are Called, But Who is Chosen? (Christian understandings of salvation) (REL 210RS)
  • Christian Spiritual Vision (REL 123)
  • World Religions: East and West (REL 223)

Science in a Changing World (the natural sciences)
Expanding the possible

Students select two courses from:

  • Evaluating the Predictions of Global Warming (SCI 110SC)
  • Is Evolution True? Your Inner Fish (also a book title) (SCI 115SC)
  • Energy and Its Impact on Global Society (SCI 210SC)
  • Science in Science Fiction (SCI 215SC)

The Human Mosaic (diversity)
Learning to live in a global society

Students choose one course from:

  • Curves Ahead: Women Artists and the Female Form (ART 110HM)
  • Native American History and Life: More than Teepees and Tomahawks (HTY/SSC 110HM)
  • Television and the American Family: Your Shows, My Shows (HUM 110HM)
  • Once Upon a Time: Readings in Folklore and Culture (IDS 210HM)
  • Building a Multiracial Society (SOC 110HM)

The Creative Life (humanities and fine arts)
Expressing the human experience through the arts

Students choose two courses from:

  • Living the Theatre: Dramatic Skills for All Disciplines (FAS 110CL)
  • Giants of the Arts (HUM 110CL)
  • Spirituals to Rock and Roll: The Story of How American Popular Music Conquered the World (MUS 110CL)
  • Love and Desire in Literature (ENG 210CL)
  • Monsters and the Monstrous in Literature (ENG 215CL)
  • On the Proverbial Road: Journeys of Transformation in Narrative (ENG 220 CL)
  • Writing Wild: Exploring the Four Genres (ENG 225CL)