Minor - Ethics & Social Responsibility

University Campus

Ethical behavior is one of the marks of professionalism. In any office, lab or classroom, you’ll be expected to demonstrate steadfast moral consciousness that recognizes the value and gifts of all. Saint Leo’s 15-credit minor in Ethics & Social Responsibility will prepare you to model good values in both your professional and personal life.

The Ethics & Social Responsibility minor consists of two foundational courses, one course from applied and professional ethics, and two integrative courses taken in sequence. Open to students in all majors, this minor complements any area of interest—focused classes are available in the moral principles associated with medicine, business, the environment, criminal justice and sport.

As a student in the Ethics & Social Responsibility minor, you will explore issues such as:

  • The human quest for happiness
  • Value systems
  • Theoretical foundations of morality
  • Rule-keeping, virtues and attitudes
  • Nature of the corporation in contemporary society
  • Relation of human beings to the environment
  • Equality, racism, censorship, economic justice

Professional development opportunities

  • Values in action: As the first Catholic college in Florida, Saint Leo is committed to our core values that promote respect, dignity, integrity and personal development.
  • Community service: Join the Samaritans and RotarAct Club. Participate in the campus-wide Community Service Day. Change lives on an alternative spring break.
  • Leadership Workshop Series: Attend a monthly workshop on topics including ethics, communication and conflict resolution.
  • Mentor/Mentee Program: Want a mentor to help you build your leadership skills? Want to mentor an underclassman on how to be an effective leader?
  • Peer Ministry: Work hand-in-hand with RAs to support and guide campus students.
  • Leadership Conference: Student Government Union coordinates a leadership conference each semester to help build students’ leadership skills.
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