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Do you love literature and creative writing? Share your passion with young people, and get them excited about composition, critical thinking and—yes—even grammar. As an English teacher at the secondary level, you’ll guide students to important discoveries about language and culture.

Why choose Secondary Education - English at Saint Leo?

Find your voice through British and American lit classes, the SLU Writer’s Circle and Sandhill Review literary magazine, while learning effective strategies—including the use of emerging technologies—for teaching language arts to adolescents, including ESOL, special education, multicultural and at-risk populations.

Accumulate more than 800 hours of field experience by the end of your senior year—almost double the hours recommended by the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. By the time you graduate, you’ll be well equipped to command a classroom of your own as a certified English teacher.

In 2011, Saint Leo’s Education department was named a national finalist for the Distinguished Program in Teacher Education Award. And, according to a recent survey, between 92-98% of school principals who've had a Saint Leo graduate as a first-year teacher at their school report that they'd provide a positive recommendation for rehiring.

Some amazing classes you can take

  • Creative Writing
  • Foundations in American Literature
  • Teaching the Adolescent Learner
  • Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum
  • English/Language Arts Methods in the Middle and Secondary School
  • ESOL Foundations and ESOL Applications
  • Classroom Management

Professional development opportunities

  • Florida Teacher Certification: Secondary Education majors are eligible to receive certification to teach grades 6-12 in your area of specialization—English.
  • Student teaching: Hone your skills through no less than four field placements, including teaching fulltime in a secondary school one semester your senior year. A Saint Leo supervisor observes and coaches you throughout the placement.
  • Professional Seminar: Prepare yourself for the job market: Create your resume, meet with school district representatives to learn about the application process, participate in mock interviews with school principals and district administrators.
  • 21st century classroom: Discover how to enhance learning with technologies such as iPads, the Mimio Teach™ and MimioVote™ assessment system, interactive SMART boards and teleconferencing across the world.
  • Conferences: Attend at least one professional conference before graduation, such as the Florida Council of Teachers of English.
  • Co-curricular activities: Participate in the Future Teachers Association and become an active member of Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society for Educators.

What can you do with a degree in Secondary Education - English?

Graduates are qualified to obtain teaching certification for grades 6-12. Possible job routes include:

  • English Teacher
  • Reading Teacher
  • ESOL Teacher
  • Curriculum Developer

Where are Saint Leo Secondary Education grads now?

Our students find success as certified teachers in school districts around Florida and outside of the state, thanks to interstate agreements between the Florida Department of Education and many states

Saint Leo graduates often assume leadership positions in their schools—as team leaders and department chairs—within three to four years of employment. Many Saint Leo graduates have been recognized as Teachers of the Year for their schools and even their entire school districts.

Student resources

View current Education student resources, including information on internships, lesson plans and more.

Ready to apply?

You may declare the Education major when you begin coursework at Saint Leo University. However, to be formally admitted to the program, you must complete an application once you fulfill general education requirements.

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