Featured Luncheon Speaker:

Bill Zobrist, Pearson Embanet

Bill Zobrist works on Online & Emerging Product Strategy for Pearson Embanet. Bill works with customers, third parties and corporate-wide Pearson teams to envision and build educational technology products and strategies for online, traditional, blended and mobile learning. Bill has developed iOS, Android and web apps for mobile learning and study. Bill adds to the thought-leadership within Pearson focused on the transformation of our businesses from traditional print-based to digital and web enhanced technologies. For the last two years, he’s been advising a start-up company in which Pearson is an investor. He advises them on their business model and services that utilize unique search engine optimization techniques to power new delivery models for E-Learning. Bill’s recent work has included data and analytics with a goal of using predictive analytics to help students succeed. Lately, he has found OpenSource LMSs to be quite intriguing.

Bill is a graduate of Bennington College where he received a B.A. in Biology and Literature. He received his Masters in Business Administration from Fordham University in Management and Finance. Once Bill’s ACL heals, he will go back to his hobbies of fly-fishing, skiing, golf and basketball.