School of Arts & Sciences

Saint Leo's School of Arts & Sciences offers students a broad education that lays a durable foundation for critical and independent thinking. The essential spirit of the liberal arts—namely, the liberation of the mind, and acquisition of habits and values that lead to truth—animates the School's curricula and programs.

The School of Arts & Sciences provides coherence and unity to the entire University curriculum, and ensures depth and diversity in its own areas of study.

For our students, learning takes place in and out of the classroom. Students travel to France, Italy and beyond through our cultural immersion courses. They research plant species while trekking through the Peruvian Amazon and kayaking through the Florida mangrove swamps. They attend film screenings, poetry readings and professional development events sponsored by the School. They contribute to our literary magazine Sandhill Review and to Empiricus: The Sunshine Journal for Collaborative Undergraduate Research, created to bring together scholarly inquiry across the School's disciplines.

With professors in fields from biology to sociology, the School supports 34 programs, and provides educational experiences to more than 3,000 students at Education Centers in seven states, and worldwide through Saint Leo's online degree programs.

The School offers the following degree programs at the associate, bachelor's and master's levels:

Associate Degrees

Program Campus Center Online
Liberal Arts (A.A) Campus Center Online

Undergraduate Degrees

Program Campus Center Online
Biology (B.S.) (BS) with specializations in Campus
Biomedical and Health Sciences Campus
Ecology Campus
Education Campus
General Biology Campus
English (B.A.) (BA) with specializations in Campus
Dramaturgy Campus
Education Campus
Literary Study Campus
Professional Writing Campus
Environmental Science (B.S.) (BS) with specializations in
Global Studies (B.A.) (BA) Campus
History (B.A.) (BA) with specializations in Campus
Education Campus
International Studies (BA)
Liberal Studies (B.A.) (BA) Center Online
Mathematics (B.A.) (BA) with specializations in Campus
Education Campus
Medical Technology (B.S.) (BS) with specializations in
Political Science (B.A.) (BA) Campus
Psychology (B.A.) (BA) with specializations in Campus Online
Clinical/Counseling Center
Developmental Center
Experimental Center
General Center
Psychology (B.S.) (BS)
Religion (B.A.) (BA) Campus Center
Sociology (B.A.) (BA) with specializations in Campus Online
Applied & Clinical Center
Diversity & Inequality Center
General Center

Graduate Degrees

Program Campus Center Online
Creative Writing (MA) Online
M.S. in Psychology (MS) Online
Theology (MA) Campus Center Online


Program Campus Center Online
Anthropology (Minor) Campus
Art (Minor) Campus
Biology (Minor) Campus
Chemistry (Minor) Campus
Creative Writing (Minor) Campus
Dramaturgy (Minor) Campus
Engineering (Minor) Campus
English (Minor) Campus
Ethics & Social Responsibility (Minor) Campus
Global Studies (Minor) Campus
History (Minor) Campus
Homeland Security Certificate (Minor) Campus
Interdisciplinary Arts (Minor) Campus
International Studies
Journalism (Minor) Campus
Legal Studies (Minor) Campus
Literature (Minor) Campus
Mathematics (Minor) Campus
Middle-East Studies Certificate (Minor) Campus
Music (Minor) Campus
Music Ministry (Minor) Campus
Philosophy (Minor) Campus
Political Science (Minor) Campus
Psychology (Minor) Campus
Religion (Minor) Campus
Sociology (Minor) Campus
Spanish (Minor) Campus
World Politics (Minor) Campus

Undergraduate Certificates

Program Campus Center Online
Leadership (Undergraduate Certificate) Campus
Pastoral Studies (Undergraduate Certificate) Campus

Graduate Certificates

Program Campus Center Online
Theology (Graduate Certificate) Online